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Jun 21, 2013


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Daisy Broomfield

Aah, there's something about watching your little one pedalling away from you that really tugs the heartstrings isn't there? I remember feeling really proud but also a bit sad to see that sudden independence! You're doing well to harvest carrots already- ours are still tiny and I'm having to battle my boys not to pull them up to soon. Lovely to find you via #CountryKids


Well done little M! You can actually turn a normal bike into a balance bike by removing the pedals. Simple once you realise but I'd never have thought of it.

Brinabird and Son

Oh you must be a very proud mummy! Children are very good at reminding us to appreciate the small things.


Hi Daisy, the carrots were a little on the small side - we pulled one up to check how they were doing and that was it, little M decide it was harvest time! I managed to keep a few in the soil to get bigger so looking forward to another taste soon.

Hi Helen, we were going to try taking the pedals off but the bike wasn't quite the right size for that when we first got it - I actually think she's grown an inch or two this week so we might try that at some point as a way to practice balancing.

Hi Brinabird and Son, very proud! They definitely are...although they do sometimes force your hand too!

Sara (@mumturnedmom)

You really can't beat the simple things can you? What a great post about a lovely week. You must be so proud of Little M on her bike! We've planted peas and cucumbers here, nothing ready to harvest yet..! Popping over from Country Kids.

Kate @scattymumofboys

aaww, these simple pleasures are really lovely. Lots of firsts for you this week :) We've grown strawberries this year and I have to hold the boys back from eating them before they ripen.

Coombemill - Fiona

Sometimes going with the flow and enjoying the simple pleasure of spending quality time together are what matters. Children are very good at reminding us of this, after all childhood goes by so quickly we should enjoy it while we can. I'm glad Little M is now enjoying riding her bike - I would love to see a picture. Thanks for sharing your outdoor fun with Country Kids.


Hi Sara, thanks for popping over - I'm a Country Kids newbie - lots of lovely people hang out there it seems! Good luck with the veg:-)

Hi Kate, mmm strawberries - ours were tiny but very tasty. Our neighbours are much bigger - need to find out their secrets!

Hi Fiona, it's a bit of a cliche the whole 'childhood going by so quickly' thing but I'm realising more and more it's true. So many photo opportunities that day...but my phone was in the bathroom at home so no disturbances...but no pics either sadly. Am loving the Country Kids blog link - thanks!

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