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Feb 13, 2013


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My coincidence, I made the dhal from Hugh's Every Day Veg book last night. Very easy and yummy. I used fresh turmeric which I stumbled across in Morrisons of all places and now have yellow tinged nails. My hands looks like I'm a heavy smoker!

breakfast lady

Oh your photos are making me salivate! How scrummy. And very timely too. I can highly recommend the courgetty thing with the tahini dressing from Hugh's book - it went down a storm here. I think I'd find a meat-free month quite easy, and so would the oldest breakfastboy, but the other two are committed carnivores so not sure how long we could keep up a sausage moratorium in this house. Good luck with your challenge!

Jenny Thatcher

I was really interested to read this Fiona. Not for the reason you might expect - I've recently (like finally admitted it last week!) stopped being vegan because I live in a household with a committed carnivore and little one is currently veggie but will eat meat at some point. I got sick of trying to sort out my own nutritional needs whilst also creating veggie food that would work with meat added if needed! Basically ended up eating a lot of linda McCartney pies. I'm still not sure how I feel about it (on my own I'd definitely still be vegan) so it's good to read that another family has similar compromises to make! I'm planning on buying lots of nice cheese to try and make me excited about the prospect of my new diet. And having read this I think I'll go and check out River Cottage Veg too. :-)


Hi Helen, sounds lovely - I don't think I even know what fresh turmeric looks like!

Hi Breakfast Lady, thanks! Just looked up that courgette dish - looks amazing - thanks for the tip-off:-)

Hi Jenny, really interesting to read your comment! Sounds like you've found yourself in exactly the same situation that I did. Meal times had started to feel like an unsolvable conundrum! Before I decided to give up being veggie I often put up with food I wasn't particularly excited by too. I started eating meat very gradually. It took me quite a long time to adjust and figure out what types of meaty meals I could enjoy. Poached eggs are my top tip for your treats list - they're the main reason I couldn't be vegan! Good luck.

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