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Jan 14, 2013


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Harriet Pleming

I am so glad to have found someone who has the same concerns that I do so thank you so much for writing your blog. I have taken my baby into A&E twice with bronchilitis and pneumonia, both following an outing into winter smog (of which I was unaware at the time). I am very worried about the long term effects on our children of air pollution and the lack of public awareness. I think sometimes the roadsides are as bad as giving your child a cigarette, definitely as bad as passive smoking. And the tube air is 72 times worse.


Thanks for reading and commenting. Really sorry to hear your baby has been ill - that must have been really scary. Hope they stay healthy in future. It's tricky to link specific illnesses to air quality but I, like you, am more than a bit suspicious! Long term it's a big worry. I'm hunting for a way to take both girls on the bike at the moment - more determined than ever after you have reminded me about the tube air. But will definitely be sticking to quieter routes with them!!

K Crawford

I am a graduate student working on a project on air quality issues in London. My specific interest is on community interest and action. If you are open to the idea, I would really enjoy learning your views on the potential for bottom-up action to drive change. Thanks!


Hi K Crawford, thanks for getting in touch - sounds interesting. I'll email you.


hi Fiona

Great article. Just recently became aware of the air pollution in London for health reasons. I am not in any position right now to move out of central London, but I wondered if you knew of any resources that can advise on the cleanest parts of London, including Greater London, to live in with respect to air quality? I would love to move one day soon. Not quite out of London entirely, but maybe to the outskirts. Any help much appreciated :-)

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