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Dec 12, 2012


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Funnily enough its not that bad!
I'll eat it alongside a nice bit of roast chicken

Jenny Thatcher

You're feeding L nut roast?? I've been avoiding it with Alfie because of the "BABIES WILL CHOKE ON NUTS" hysteria that seems to come from my health visitors, and at the same time wondering what the heck we will have for Christmas dinner! This has inspired me to feed him mushroom and nut wellington. :-)


Hi Jenny,

our health visitors are equally concerned about whole nuts or big pieces for under 5s - no problem with ground up nuts though. If you make this do check there are no big chunks of cashew nut after you grind them up - our blender occasionally leaves a few. Hope you have a tasty Christmas lunch!


This looks delicious, and I will be making it next December! :)


Hope you enjoy it! My sister made ours this year and pimped it with a few cranberries - very nice touch:-)


I have just had your Nut Roast for Sunday lunch. I used a red pepper instead of tomatoes as I am allergic to tomatoes. It was delicious. My children now in there 40's ate nuts from about 6 months, it did them no harm, just keep an eye on them to they will come to no harm.


Hi Chris, really glad you enjoyed it. Will have to try out your variation :-)

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