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Nov 06, 2012


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As an intermediate step, how about more things (like lentils, for example) being sold in paper bags? Is that better than plastic, or am I missing the point?

I like my laundry liquid and washing up liquid refills, but it irks me that the shop doing the refills charges considerably more than the supermarket charges for a new bottle of liquid...so when you're counting the pennies it becomes harder to do the right thing. Of course the independent, local shop doing refills doesn't have the buying power of supermarkets...

Jenny Thatcher

Fiona have you ever had a wholefood delivery from somewhere like www.lembas.co.uk?
One of my maternity leave plans (I go back to work tomorrow - oops!) was to set up a little food buying co-op locally to get monthly deliveries of bulky staples - ethical companies, loads of organic things, minimal packaging, electric delivery vans and nice people! I agree about the supermarket delivery bags - so frustrating. Sainsburys do take them back to recycle but even so...


Hi Liz, I guess paper bags might work - we use them for flour don't we. Would be a bit better than so much plastic. Completely agree about the prices, really tricky for small local shops to compete. And I'm sure supermarkets would say anything out of the ordinary adds costs. Very rare to find refilling is the cheaper option these days. Some mainstream coffee brands are having a bit of a go, albeit putting there jar refills in plastic bags!


Hi Jenny, good luck at work tomorrow! I've got a far too long to do list for whilst I'm on maternity leave, given that I'm on leave to cope with the whirlwind of having a baby and all that! Lembas looks great - we're generally a bit tight on storage space so don't buy much stuff in bulk but sharing with others could work. Sure I've seen some notices about something like this somewhere locally, just before I had to chase after little M to keep her out of trouble no doubt!

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