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Oct 04, 2012


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Love the wine idea, I need to see if they do anything like this in Sheffield, and if not then mention it to enterprising friends...

I'm trying to knock the Friday night supermarket pizza on the head too and just found this fairly easy looking pizza dough recipe which I plan to make this afternoon with E strapped onto me in her sling: http://m.jamieoliver.com/recipes/pizza-recipes/pizza-dough
Once you've rolled them out you can store the bases I the freezer. Good old Jamie.


Hi Liz, good luck finding (or starting up!) some wine refills in Sheffield! Thanks for the pizza recipe link - freezing bases would definitely be a good idea in my book. We had a go at this one (minus the spelt as we didn't have any) on holiday http://www.channel4.com/4food/recipes/tv-show-recipes/the-fabulous-baker-brothers-recipes/pizza-dough-recipe - they suggest blind baking, freezing bases then grilling when topped - came out OKish in a pretty rubbish oven. Think I'll give both these a go and see which comes out best. Can't have too much pizza!


We blind-baked the leftover Jamie Oliver ones in the end, before popping them in the freezer. I really couldn't see how freezing the sticky dough would work!

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