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Oct 27, 2012


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If we make a huge spanakopita, and freeze lots of portions, I often find they're all gone much more quickly than anything else in our freezer! That's probably our most successful freezer meal.
As for pizza bases, I've been meaning to make some for aeons. I think you might have inspired me. Once smallest baby is old enough so I can contemplate cooking anything at all, I might give it a go!


Hi Rachel, will definitely have to try that - have never made it before but would love too. I had a massive glut of spinach at the allotment last year which would have been great for it. Haven't been quite so on top of the planting this year so may have the same excess this year!

Small Footprints

Oh I just love your monthly challenges! :-) We have a very tiny, apartment freezer ... and in truth, I've never been too successful with freezer meals. But I do use a crockpot often which makes cooking pretty easy. Right now I'm "into" soups, stews and beans ... all which cook up wonderfully in slow cookers. I basically toss the ingredients in and forget it until dinner time. For us, pasta is a real treat (and comfort food). It cooks up quickly and I suppose one could have the sauces prepared ahead and stored in the freezer.

Thank you for participating in our last Change The World Wednesday challenge ... you'll be included in the "Honor society" in tomorrow's post. :-) Hope to see you then!


The yeast and water escaped on me too, and I was doing it in my own - well, accompanied by some enthusiastic kicking and waving from E in her bouncy chair, but you know what I mean. Silly recipe! I used a bowl the next time and the dough turned out exactly the same.

I try to make extra when I cook something 'sloppy' like stew, chilli, casseroles, soup etc so that I can bung a load in the freezer for emergencies. I made a delicious stew today and it felt a bit epic but I know l'll be SO grateful to yank it out of the freezer at a later date.


P.S. Lovely, lovely photos, by the way.


Mmm! Thanks for all the lovely suggestions and comments. Right, time to start leafing through cook books for a tasty new stew recipe.

Christine Armstrong

Have a very easy bread/ pizza base recipe. 500g bread flour ( I use a mixture if white and wholemeal, 1 teaspoon sugar, 1.5 teaspoons salt, 1.5 teaspoons easy yeast, 2.5 tablespoons olive oil, and enough warm water to get a dough. Knead for 10 mins and form into shape you want. Prove and cook. No need to knock back and rise again, and no need to rub in fat or butter.

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